His Dog Saved Him From Taking His Own Life And He Returns The Favor

Stress and the difficulties of the modern world can lead many people to depression.  When Byron was considering taking his own life, his dog Geo took matters into his own hands.

After a day of heavy drinking, Byron had fallen into a deep depression and was ready to take his own life. He had tied a noose and was ready to leave a note for his family. When he went upstairs, he found the noose in Geo’s mouth, who refused to give it back to him.

Geo would growl every time he tried to take the noose out of his mouth.  It was something that he’d never done before so at first, Byron thought that Geo just wanted to play, but the dog soon destroyed the noose completely, rendering it unusable.

Geo’s efforts saved his life. However, the tables have turned, ever since the vets discovered that Geo has an aggressive tumor on his head that has spread to his muscles and bones.

Byron started a fund for donations to pay for Geo’s treatment and provide him with as many happy moments as possible in what remains of his shortened life.

Byron wanted to ensure that he pays back with a second chance at life and by making his last few moments as memorable as possible.

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