Dog Refuses To Leave Burning House Until Firefighters Rescue Kittens

When firefighters responded to a house fire in Melbourne, Austrailia, they luckily found the family had safely escaped, along with one of their dogs, Barney. However, their other dog Leo was still inside.

The family feared the worst as they waited, but there was no sign of little Leo. Firefighters rushed in and were looking for the little dog.

After a few more minutes of searching, they finally saw something on the floor in one room. As they got closer, they realized that it was the dog, Leo.

They quickly rushed over and picked him up but what they saw underneath him shocked them.

dog saves kittens from fire

Leo had been protecting the family’s four kittens, who were also trapped in the house. He was laying on top of them to keep them safe. By the time the firefighters arrived, he was unconscious.

They found him just in time and were able to give him oxygen and bring him back to life. As he regained consciousness, he got up and seemed very uneasy as if something wasn’t right.

dog saves kittens from fire

They decided to bring the little kittens to Leo, and as soon as they did, Leo showered them with kisses. He was so happy to see them alive and well!

The family was so unbelievably happy that Leo, and their kittens, were safe!

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