Homeless Dog Rescued From Trash Pile Finds A Best Friend At The Shelter

When Hope For Paws received an urgent call, from someone about a sick dog who was living in a trash pile, they immediately went to rescue her. Once they got there, the rescuers were told that Miley, the sick dog, had been living and surviving in that trash pile for many months.

Miley was taken to the veterinary care center. Once she was examined, she was found to be suffering from mange, parasites, bacterial infections and worse, she was malnourished. She requires medicated baths and treatment of all her wounds.

After only three days Miley was doing much better. A couple of weeks later, she met Frankie, a pup who was rescued from a drain pipe. Frankie was so traumatized he was afraid of everything. However, soon after, these two became best friends.


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