Beloved Dogs Were Rescued After A Tornado Destroyed Their Home

Tornadoes are terrifying natural events that will turn your life completely upside down. The loss of your home and belongings is not easy to cope with, but when you get separated from your dog, it is heartbreaking.  That is exactly what happened to one family who was separated from their dogs after a tornado claimed their home.

Sawyer and Lucy were the beloved pets of the Berkshires. They thought they would never see again. Until they returned to the site of their former home and heard barking coming from underneath the rubble and broken wood.

They could not believe their ears. Their dog Sawyer had been trapped underneath the debris for two days.

It was unbelievable that this dog didn’t have a single broken bone. While Sawyer was being examined by a vet, he made the rescuers aware of Lucy!

Turns out Lucy didn’t have a scratch on her either! Both dogs are doing well and back in their owner’s arms.

The Berkshires could not be more grateful for the assistance of those who helped to reunite them with their dogs. They cleared the rubble and ensured that the dogs were safe and secure once they were out.

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