Puppy Mill Dog And Alcoholic Help Each Other Recover From Their Troubled Past

This is the story of two living beings, a woman and a dog, who saved each other’s lives just in time. Maudelle dreamed about rescuing a dog ever since her recovery from alcohol addiction began three years ago. Brownie was just getting rescued from a terrible situation where he was barely in a puppy mill.

Both of them were looking for love, and they needed each other. When the Nashville Humane Society rescued Brownie, his future was uncertain. His fur was so filled with grime, urine, and feces that it was a miracle he survived.

Brownie was so fortunate to have his loving mommy rescue him. 

When Maudelle walked into the shelter and saw Brownie, it was love at first sight.

Maudelle rescued Brownie from the Nashville Humane Society and had no idea about Brownie’s horrendous past.

When she did see the video of Brownie, she kept hugging Brownie tight and telling him how sorry she was for not rescuing him sooner.


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