Neglected Senior Dog Dropped Off At Shelter, Feels Love For The First Time…

Max was abandoned at an emergency-drop off at the Southeast Volusia Humane Society, with only a note saying what his name was and that he was fifteen years old.

Many dogs at shelters are either abandoned, have been turned in by their owners, or have been taken by the authorities because of neglect or abuse.

It was evident that the senior dog was being abused.

He was severely underweight, had a horrible skin condition with patches of his fur missing, and his toenails were overgrown, proving he wasn’t being taken out on the walk.

Thankfully, all of his other tests came back negative, so it was just a matter of showing Max some loving tender care to get him back on his feet.

Max was shy at first, avoiding any contact with other humans or animals at the shelter. It was obvious that he’d never been shown affection and it was heartbreaking to see him be so anti-social.

Max started to put back on his weight through the work of a kind foster parent, his fur started to clear up, and he was starting to come out of his shell.

Max is currently in foster care waiting to find his forever home with a new, loving family.

Max had no trouble interacting with children and even made a new doggy friend at his new foster home.

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