The Beautiful Moment This Dog Realized He Would Love His Baby Forever

Kenzo had never met a baby before and, at first, he was a little apprehensive.


Even when his human encouraged him to meet Maya, he wasn’t quite sure how to act around her…


…until she touched him.


As soon as Kenzo felt baby Maya’s soft hand on his face, he hesitantly licked her in response…


…and suddenly, a friendship was born.


Seeing those two look each other in the eyes is the moment you know they’re going to be lifelong friends. Kenzo is so gentle with Maya, and Maya is so curious about Kenzo.

As cheesy as it sounds, this is definitely the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Check out the full video of Maya and Kenzo meeting for the first time below:

Always be careful when mixing dogs and babies. To help spot the signs that your dog might need a break, check out this link for more information.

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