Dog Has Miracle Recovery After Being Impaled With A Five Foot Rod

When Espen was critically impaled by a 5-foot pole, no one thought he would recover from the incident. When this Labrador went out to play one day, he crawled back home bleeding because of an iron rod stabbed through him.

While Espen, a five-year-old Labrador was playing with his little sister, he was distracted and got impaled. The iron rod went through his chest and out of his abdomen. Espen crawled back home almost dead when his family rushed him to the emergency room instantly.

When Espen was brought into Hope Advanced Veterinary Care in Virginia, even the doctors feared that Espen would not make it.

After the doctors operated, they found his diaphragm, lungs and a little part of the liver were punctured by the iron rod. Espen’s family prayed outside the operation theater while he was having the most critical operation of his life.

Espen not only survived the accident but also recovered, recuperated and was discharged in under four days.

Espen has already proven that he is a miracle dog!

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