Wandering Dog Brings Home A Special Gift For His Owners

Gumnerd owned a dog named Pui, who loves to go exploring. He would leave the house to explore and always return home.

On one of his trips, Pui brought the family a white plastic bag with an unbelievable surprise inside. A BABY!

Pui sensed that whatever was in the bag desperately needed help, so he gently put the bag down, and began barking like a maniac to get someone’s attention.

That’s when Gumnerd’s niece came to see what the commotion was all about. She was startled by the dog’s discovery.

A careless mother attempted to throw away a newborn baby girl!   The baby girl was premature and was in rough condition. But she was still breathing and her umbilical cord remained attached.

Pui saved the day. He is truly a hero!

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