They Thought Their Dog Died In Their House Fire, Until They Saw Him On Television

This family thought they lost their 5-year-old dog in a fire three weeks prior to seeing him on television! Unfortunately, Gage’s previous owners said they were unable to care for him after the house fire.

Meet Gage!   Gage was found wandering the streets and was rescued and treated for third-degree burns,  by Humane Society of South Mississippi. “When we received Gage he had what appeared to be days old burns over 60 percent of his body,” the HSSM’s Maren Slay said.  “And in the beginning, it was very severe. We really weren’t sure if he was going to make it or not.”

Despite having a near death experience, this guy came out almost fit as a fiddle!

Even when the Gage had burnt patches that were still blistered, he butt wiggled and wagged his tail every time one of his many fans circled around with belly rubs.

That’s when Gage became the rockstar of the shelter!

Gage started feeling much better…

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