During Rising Floodwaters, Brave Mama Dog Rescued Her 4 Puppies From Danger

Hurricane Harvey hit and waters began to rise, survival became a lot more difficult for the stray animals. Abilene’s first instinct as a mother was to protect her puppies at all costs.

Abilene carried her her puppies to a house and up onto the porch to escape the rain and flooding ground. The couple who lived in that house knew they had to do something immediately to help.

Harris County was also under a chemical leak warning after the flooding breached tanks at a nearby chemical plant. Now, the dogs were not only in danger of drowning; but they were in danger of being poisoned.

The couple brought the dogs to Rescue and Reunite Center in Conroe, Texas. The Rescue and Reunite Center, along with the Montgomery County Animal Shelter and Best Friends Animal Society has been housing animals and running an evacuees’ pet shelter to help out people and their pets who have been displaced by the hurricane, along with stray animals who didn’t have a home, to begin with.

Best Friends Animal Society volunteers worked together to get this doggy family the help they desperately needed.

The puppies were given a much-needed bath to wash off the dirt and possible chemicals that were on them. The dogs were covered in fleas and treated.

The vet examined the dog and said aside from the fleas and malnourishment, they were healthy!

Abilene got to have some quiet time; so she could relax and recover on her own while her puppies healing began! The adorable little family were safely transported to live in a foster home in Los Angeles thanks to the Best Friends Network partner Angel City Pit Bulls.

Abilene and her pups were greeted with open arms, while she wagged her tail and realized that she was in a much happier environment now.

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