This Dog Just Returned From War. The Surprise Waiting For Her Will Bring You To Tears…

CiCi the Lab has been all over the world protecting American soldiers. She specialized in detecting explosives and formed a truly special bond with Sgt. Jason Bos. Unfortunately, they were separated when the Sergeant had completed his duty. He tried to take her with him, but the lab belonged to the army. Labs make for excellent K-9 units and companion dogs, even competing with German Shepherds when it comes to police and military work. They are awesome searchers as well, being a great aid in not only looking for explosives, narcotics or contraband, but also lost and missing people. No wonder why the military didn’t want to lose such an amazing help as CiCi’s. Finally, one year later, CiCi was also retired by the military, and Jason knew he had to do everything in his hands to reunite with his beloved friend.

He made some calls,  and thanks to his connections, he was able to reunite with CiCi, and the expressions in both their faces are just the definition of pure joy and friendship. The SF Globe loves this kind of reunion and we could not feel happier for this valiant couple of true friends. Watch the amazing moment in the video below and, please, don’t forget to leave us a comment telling us what you felt about it.

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