Lana, The Saddest Dog, Has Never Had A Forever Loving Home. She Is Always Abandoned

Lana is the saddest dog in the world.  She is the victim of endless rejections. This precious photo was taken moments after Lana was returned to the boarding kennel from her recent family. Lana has almost given up hope for a forever loving home.

Dahlia Ayoub, a shelter volunteer who is close with Lana, recalls that Lana was the runt of the litter when she arrived in Toronto. She has undergone numerous foster and adoption trials and has just not found the right family.

She was first adopted by a family when she was 22 weeks old, which went horribly.  Her protective behavior made her aggressive and she attacked the mom. The family returned her to the shelter as they had little kids at home. Shelter workers say she is the sweetest girl and that Lana is cozy with all animals. That was the only incident of violence ever reported.

After being returned to the shelter, Lana completely shut down. Ayoub has never stopped trying to cheer up Lana and when she walked in and screamed her name, Lana jumped into her arms, almost knocking her over.

Do you want to adopt this sweet gal? Contact Rescue March if you stay in Ontario.


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