Woman With Alzheimer’s Bonds With Her New Therapy Dog

Alzheimer disease is a horrible disease and scary. People slowly lose memories of loved ones; they are unable to think clearly, and eventually cannot do simple tasks. It is often a strain when loved ones are caring for people with this disease. It can be challenging and emotionally draining.

When June Anderson was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, her husband Bruce got her a canine companion, Sadie.

Sadie will help June get home safely when they go out for walks in the neighborhood. Before Sadie and June met, Sadie had to learn and prove that she knew how to get around the neighborhood and back home again. One more crucial test had to be passed: Sadie and June had to bond, or Sadie would not be able to stay with June and Bruce.

Luckily, June and Sadie bonded quickly! Bruce’s plan to get June a companion was a success!

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