Pit Bull Labeled “Dog Aggressive” Turned Out To Be A Gentle Giant

Bruce was a shelter pit bull labeled “dog aggressive.”  Unfortunately, many shelter dogs receive labels that can cause harm in their likelihood of being adopted.  A chaotic shelter environment may cause a dog to act a certain way that it wouldn’t normally otherwise; which usually leads to an inaccurate evaluation of the dog.

Bruce was voiceless, helpless and could not speak for himself.

That was until, luckily, a chance was taken and this “one-family dog.” Bruce was given the opportunity to strut his stuff when a man came to the shelter with interest in adopting him.  Despite hearing he was “dog aggressive”  he decided to give him a chance and take him for a walk. The second he was removed from the kennel, the man was shocked; Bruce paid no attention to other dogs!  Thus, the adoption was final.

Bruce immediately fell in love with his new forever dad and two new siblings;  pit bulls just like Bruce.  He was now being labeled a “Gentle Giant.”   His loving demeanor also revealed how much he loved puppies, children and car rides with his dad.  Life was good and everything was exactly how it should be.


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