After Living Alone On The Mountain For Years, Dog Now Has A Loving Life

Tim Gorski, an animal rights activist and filmmaker was hiking in Bhutan in mid-September in Bhutan when he found a poor dog. Half of his hair was missing from mange, and he was doing all he could to take care of himself.

He did not want to leave the dog alone and contacted The Maya Foundation, a local rescue group, who came to retrieve the dog. It was more than a coincidence that Tim found him on this trek since many people take this mountain path on their pilgrimages to find their sense of purpose. It was as if the pooch was searching for someone to care for him.

Once the dog was rescued, who they named Tim, he was shaved and provided medical treatment.

After only a few weeks, his skin was softer and healthier, and a few months later, his hair was completely grown in. He’s a beautiful dog!

Gorski encourages people to step in when they see an animal suffering and provide it with some amount of care so that they’ll never feel alone. The canine Tim is currently living at The Maya Foundation’s Barnyard Animal Rescue & Sanctuary.

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