Vets Introduce Mother Horse Who Lost Her Baby To Baby Horse Who Lost Their Mother…

Horses are beautiful, majestic animals, but they’re very similar to humans.  They too are capable of suffering horrible emotional tragedies.

Zindita almost died giving birth to her baby.  Sadly, the baby died.  The sweet mother was overcome with grief at the loss of her baby. Two days after Zindita lost her foal, another foal lost her mother while giving birth. In less than a week both horses suffered terrible losses, but lucky for them, the doctors at Equiception came up with a plan for both of them. These two were going to be bonded together!Take a look at the photos below to see the beautiful story of these two horses who saved each other’s hearts, and lives.

You might think Zindita had given birth to the little girl herself.  She took right to her. She began grooming the foal and made sure to keep her very close.

The little foal was named, ‘Listen Good’ (Feel Good x Tolanda).

“It’s quite uncommon for the mare to accept the foal with such enthusiasm and love,” said Dr. Patrick Brogan, the doctor who saved Zindita’s life while having her own foal. “Zindita fell in love with the foal straight away.”

Equiception, is a company that specializes in the veterinary management of horse reproduction and is where both Zindita and Listen Good are currently living.

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