He Was Devastated When His Cat Was Lost. His Mom Surprised Him A Week Later

I think most people would agree that pets make our lives better, fuller. Pets are the four-legged, furry members of our families!

Angela Davis worked for a veterinarian when someone dropped off a box of kittens and their injured mom, she quickly fell in love with the only female kitten in the litter.

Angela named the kitten Autumn and brought her home to her 9-year old Austen son, was diagnosed with autism and ADHD.

Austen and his new kitten Autumn hit it off right away! They are the best of friends. Austen and Autumn have a routine, she wakes him up every morning with gentle licks, cuddles, and some head butting.

No matter how Austen is feeling, Autumn is by his side. She has taught Austen how to treat animals gently.

The Davis’ routine was recently shaken when Autumn went missing one day. Austen cried himself to sleep and missed an entire week of school because he was overwhelmed with sadness.

Angela put Autumns blanket in the garage and left the door open a crack. The next morning, Autumn was there meowing outside the door!

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