Department Of Justice Is Suing A New York School And You Won’t Believe Why

Seven-year-old Devyn Pereira lives in Rochester, New York. Devyn suffers from Angelman Syndrome, a medical condition that is characterized by autism and worsened by epileptic seizures.

Devyn attends school with her service dog, Hannah.  The role of a school is to make the child a responsible human being and teach them how to excel in their lives and career. The role of a school is not to violate the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Devyn depends on her service dog and her best friend Hannah, to stay focused and detect her upcoming seizures.

Problems began when the Gates Chili Central School District tried to refuse the dog from entering their premises.

Devyn’s family had to hire a professional full-time handler to accompany Devyn and Hannah to school.

Devyn’s family spent over $25,000 in handler fees over the course of three years.  They requested the officials change their policy and allow Hannah to accompany Devyn to school.

Recently, a lawsuit was filed against the school by the Department of Justice. According to the DOJ, the school violated the Americans With Disabilities Act.

The DOJ stated that they will not allow any sort of discrimination against anyone who has a medical condition.

If the DOJ wins this case, Devyn will be able to bring Hannah back to school. Then, the school will be required to repay the family any handler fees they had to pay because of their policies.

Adults and children everywhere are supporting Devyn.

This will not only help Devyn but also other kids in similar situations facing injustice.


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