Miraculous Transformation Of Abandoned Deaf Dog

Norman is a shy stray dog, but people were still afraid that they might attack them. Norman was riddled with fleas, deaf, and living all alone in a parking lot.

The poor canine was so sickly thin and starving. his fate changed when he was found by a kind stranger that contacted a rescue group called the Friends of Indianapolis Dogs.

They immediately took poor Norman, an 11-year-old mutt under their wing. They cleaned him up and gave him a medical check. He was sadly found to have arthritis and had trouble walking. Luckily, people donated enough money to buy him a wheelchair after hearing of his sad story.

He was adopted by Susan Niehoff, a compassionate woman whose heart was stolen by Norman the minute she laid her eyes on him.  Susan brought him home and showered him with affection and care. Norman slowly came out of his shell under Susan’s care and transformed into a healthy and happy dog! It warms our heart to know he’s safe now, living his senior age with such a loving owner.

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