One Cowboy Has Dedicated His Life To Helping Save Wild Mustangs Across The United States


In the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary, hundreds of captured mustangs are now running wild and free l thanks to one obstinate cowboy. Just exactly as they did 300 years ago.

Located in South Dakota and surrounded by the flowing Cheyenne River, this land has remained one of the wildest places in America. You won’t hear the noises of automobile traffic. There are no power lines, or litter, only clean, fresh air and freedom.

Dayton O’Hyde is a genuine cowboy, a conservationist and also an award-winning writer.

Dayton moved to the Black Hills of South Dakota back in 1990, and that was where he decided to dedicate his life to running his 11,000 acre wild horse sanctuary, even if that meant he’d have to fight the government!

“This is as close to heaven as I’ll probably ever get,” says Dayton.


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