Man Saves This Crow’s Life And This Is How The Bird Repays Him…

This week, Chris Pretorius shared a hilarious photo of Blackie, a crow at his animal rescue in South Africa, flashing an unexpectedly broad grin — one that actually used to belong to Pretorius himself.

I was cleaning my dentures this morning in the bathroom when my cell phone rang,” wrote Pretorius on Facebook. “When I came back, I found Blackie smiling at me with my own teeth. And I don’t think he wanted to give them up.”


For almost a decade, Pretorius rehabilitated sick and orphaned birds, rescuing dozens of them since a hungry owl first showed up on his property in 2007.

Blackie is only one of the farm’s most recent residents, coming to Pretorius in December after almost dying of heat exhaustion.


Luckily, Pretorius did manage to steal his dentures back from the bone-beaked bandit.

“Scientists believe them to be the smartest birds,” Pretorius says.”I could only get them back after he went to hide under a sofa cushion!”


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