Couple Rescued Starving Dog And His Transformation Is Beautiful

In November 2015, an Imgur user and her husband heard about a stray husky who was wandering around their neighborhood; they knew they had to investigate.  When the couple found the dog, it was obvious to them that something was peculiar about him: he was deeply afraid of men.

“As you can see, he’s in pretty bad shape in this photo,” wrote the Imgur user. “Notice the patchy fur and the visible ribs. He also had a large scar going across his ribs…”

The couple took the pup they named Wulfgar, to the vet right away. “A normal male husky ranges between 45 and 60 pounds, depending on height. Weighing him at the vet’s, he was underweight at 39 pounds. The vet guessed he should have weighed closer to 50 to 55 pounds,” wrote the Imgur user.

“He had demodectic mange,” she continued. “Huskies have two coats, so for his skin to be so red, dry, and patchy, he had to be infected for quite some time. Our poor boy was likely suffering for months.”

The woman said, “His immune system was shot and the vet prescribed him a hefty dose of antibiotics and medicated shampoo. Miraculously, he had no heart worms or fleas.”

After a thorough check-up, the couple took Wulfgar home. “We immediately bought a kennel for him to sleep in. He went in without difficulty, which led us to believe he’d been previously crate-trained. We aren’t sure of what he went through or where he came from. He wasn’t chipped (not that we would have returned him anyway).”

“My husband and I have a few guesses: He escaped on his own from an abusive/negligent owner which might explain the scar; he was purposely abandoned; he belonged to an unlicensed breeder and escaped. Huskies aren’t typically a breed you find wandering the streets, so we’re strongly leaning towards the ‘escaped’ theory, especially considering his wariness around men.”

It took time for Wulfgar to get used to his new surroundings. “This is about a week after we brought him home,” the woman’s post explained. “The first few nights he cried and cried in his kennel, but unfortunately due to his mange, we didn’t want him sleeping in our room with us because the bedrooms were carpeted.”

During the first days in his new home, Wulfgar would nap anywhere. He just seemed exhausted from his ordeal. “Now he primarily naps in his kennel or on a fluffy blanket in the living room,” the story went on.

Later on, he started to learn to appreciate the luxuries that his new life afforded him. “This is another week later,” the Imgur user said. “He’s staring at a treat in my hand; sometimes it’s the only way to get him to look at the camera.”

“This was his first visit to the local dog park. He had a fun time. I was worried about how he’d act around other dogs, but in typical husky fashion, he was friendly and playful right off the bat.”

“He fell into the pond and I caught this wonderful moment a split second before he began to shake.” There’s nothing quite like watching a dog have fun, especially one who’d come as far as Wulfgar had!

“No big description—I just like this shot,” she captioned this photo! After everything that he had gone through, it was nice to see him so happy, calm, and healthy.

“He plays well with most other dogs, provided they’re also friendly. Since then we’ve encountered dogs that are aggressive or bark at him. He’s very quiet as far as huskies go, so he never barks back. He mostly stares in confusion,” she said.

No matter how friendly Wulfgar tried to be, there were other dogs who occasionally didn’t want to reciprocate. “This husky-shepherd mix wasn’t too friendly,” the woman explained. Luckily, Wulfgar didn’t seem too upset by it!

“Wulfgar tries to engage my in-laws’ senior husky. Notice how sparse his tail is in this picture.” Even though you can still see signs of his traumatic past, Wulfgar was very eager to start interacting with other furry friends!

“We noticed that as he grew in new hair, it began to change color. When we first got him, his coat was a distinct red color. Here (and currently) it’s more of a grey color, and even dark copper in the sunlight.” Wulfgar truly looked like an entirely different dog.

After about a month in his new forever home, Wulfgar’s personality was really starting to shine. “Now he loves car rides! At this point, he’s put on a few pounds, though you can still tell he’s pretty scrawny.”

“Wulfgar loved more than making friends and riding in the car, though, it must have been taking naps! Just look at how peaceful he seemed in this photograph!”

“You can see his neck fur starting to thicken,” the Imgur user continued. “He loves going into the backyard. He likes to sit and observe the other people in the neighborhood. When people would walk too close, he’d bark. We liked this protective aspect, though now he’s much more discerning of strangers.”

“I COULD stand like a normal dog but… meh,” Wulfgar’s owner wrote alongside this image. He almost looked like a cat, huh? It was remarkable to see how much fun he and his family were having together, especially given everything he’d been through.

Wulfgar’s transformation wasn’t finished. “You can really see how his coat darkened in this picture. I’m hoping this is just a winter coat, because I loved his red coloring before.” Either way, he is super handsome!

“He likes to rest on the cool tiles whenever we get home from a tiring day at the dog park. Sometimes he can’t stay awake.” It’s hard to blame the little guy for wanting to nap after the dog park, he’s exhausted!

Wulfgar looked absolutely thrilled and delighted to be getting ready for a journey on the road. Wulfgar loves riding in cars so much.

Get your nose out of there, Wulfgar!

“My favorite picture of him. He’s now a happy, healthy, spoiled dog, and we love him and all the fur he leaves on our clothes.” Things only got better for Wulfgar and his family from here on out!

Wulfgar may have had a rough start to his life, but he eventually was rescued and become the perfect family dog. It’s great that this Imgur user and her husband decided to adopt him from his life on the street!


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