Cop Rescues Kitten Who Was Left In The Rain And Now They Are Fighting Crimes Together

We’ve all seen at least one movie where a cop has a dog for a partner. Turner and Hooch with Tom Hanks. K-9 with James Belushi. Top Dog with Chuck Norris. But have you ever heard about a cop with a KITTEN as a partner? Probably not. Well, not until now that is!

Squirt the kitten and his crime-fighting partner (who goes by the name of DonutOperator on Instagram) joined forces when another officer found Squirt hiding under a dumpster (although Squirt says he was actually undercover at the time). DonutOperator decided to adopt the kitten and since then the two have been ridding the streets of crime together. Well, the cop has at least. Squirt seems more interested in staying home and playing. Or pretending to play. While actually guarding the house from burglars. Of course.

This adorable kitten was found by cops beneath a dumpster.


The kitten later said it was undercover at the time but this cop decided to adopt him anyway.


He named the kitten Squirt and now the two fight crime together.


Well, this guy does at least.


Squirt prefers to stay at home and guard the other cats.


Squirt is always ready to protect and serve. But only when it isn’t playtime. Or nap time.