Police Officer Saves A Dog From Death Row To Honor His Beloved K-9 Partner

Eiko was a K9 officer for the Lawrenceville Police Department, in Georgia. Anyone that met Eiko loved him.  He was a great canine comrade and a hard worker.

Eiko’s human partner was Officer Humphreys. Eiko was only eight years old, when he got cancer and died.

The community mourned.

Humphreys mourned.

Releash Atlanta’s founder Kristin Sarkar, was also affected by Eiko’s passing. Releash Atlanta is a non-profit group that saves dogs from high kill shelters and finds them new homes. Sarkar met Eiko, Humphreys and his wife at a photo shoot.

After Eiko had passed, Sarkar honored him by giving the Humphreys, another dog. Sarkar found a German Shepherd that was on death row. The dog had an injured leg, from a snake bite, and was scheduled to be euthanized

Releash Atlanta was initially going to rescue the injured dog at first. However, Sarkar had a change of heart, and gave the dog to the Humphreys to honor Eiko.  They named him EJ, short for Eiko Junior! Moreover, as you can see, EJ loves his new home!

EJ likes to sit with Humphreys, just like Eiko did.

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