Ever Want To Clone Your Pet? Here Is A Company That Will Do That For You

Do you miss your fur balls when you’re away from them?  Well, there just might be a solution to this! Cuddle Clones is a  new company hoping to help their customers and have created the next-best-thing: plush, cuddly, recreations of your favorite four-legged friends.


Cuddle Clone will recreate any animal: horse, pig, chicken, donkey, or other pets!

These plush dolls do capture the style of the animals exceptionally well.

The company’s founder, Jennifer Graham, created Cuddle Clones after her own favorite cuddle-buddy, a Great Dane named Rufus, went on to doggy heaven in 2009.

She wanted to memorialize him, and have something to remember him with. After making her first stuffed memorial, other pet lovers wanted one of their own.

What began as a memorial for her dog became an amazing way for you to enhance the bond with your favorite pet. 

Don’t wait till they pass, bring your pet with you everywhere! 


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