She Leaves Her Shoe On The Floor. When Her Puppy Gets It, You Will Be Speechless…

Misa, the brilliant Yorkshire Terrier puppy featured in this video. As smart as she is adorable, she does one impressive trick after another. It’s no wonder Yorkies rank among the top 10 most popular breeds in America. Known for their intelligence and high energy, this toy breed’s sometime-possessiveness makes them excellent companions for people living alone.

Even if small breeds are not for you, this is an impressive array of tricks. Guidebooks and articles addressing dog training are as abundant as those written about parenting children. It can be surmised that dog training is an issue that many households are curious about, and that the steps are not immediately intuitive. Whether you are teaching your pup how to do a show-worthy trick, or are just trying to get her to stop jumping up on people, we wanted to share with you some guidelines we found for dog training.

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