Woman Hands Mic Over To Parrot And What He Says Has The Crowd Rolling In Their Seats

With a name like Einstein, you figure someone has to be smart, but what about when that someone is a bird?  The fact is, Einstein the Parrot might be the most impressive specimen out there, Albert excluded. This African grey possesses not only a dazzling vocabulary, but a sense of timing that most stand-up comedians would kill for.

Einstein first became famous when he was part of the closing ceremonies of the TED2006 conference in Monterey, Calif., nearly 10 years ago. Appearing with a human co-host onstage, Einstein’s series of sound effects, impersonations, and dance moves wowed the crowd and caused him to become a bonafide YouTube sensation — the video has garnered 850,000 hits since being uploaded in 2008.
Not surprisingly, Einstein has his own website these days. Born in June of 1997, he’s coming up on his 19th birthday, and his list of impersonations and antics has only grown since then, particularly his impression of fellow Texan (Einstein hails from Garland, right outside of Dallas) Matthew McConaughey in 2014 that went viral.
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