Chihuahua Saves Her Newfie Brother From Being Kidnapped

A Chihuahua named Carly saved her big brother Silas, a Newfoundland, from being kidnapped!  Carly and Silas were playing in their yard when the most shocking thing happened, a dog snatcher tried to steal Silas!

Sharon Dooling, their mommy, says that Carly alerted her instantly. Carly barked as hard as she could to get her mom’s attention. Dooling peeked out the window and saw the silhouette of a man dragging Silas by his leash through the dark driveway. Dooling went outside and calmly asked the man what he was doing. To her horror, the man said that he was taking the dog. Overcome by anger, Dooling punched him in his face!

Before he hit the ground from the punch, the man crawled as fast as he could to get away while Dooling called the cops.

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