Cat Has Rare Condition That Creates The Most Beautiful Eyes

The cat below has a condition called sectoral heterochromia, which has given him the most beautiful eyes.  Sectoral Heterochromia is when each iris has two colors, and is even more rare than heterochromia, where each iris is completely one color.  It is very rare among cats, and usually only occurs in cats with white fur.

The results are some very alien looking eyes.  His are almost perfectly vertical and are gorgeous. The condition only effects a tiny percentage of kitties, so to see one is very rare!

Aren’t they beautiful?

He’s not the only kitty out there with Sectoral Heterochromia, but he is very rare since his eyes are symmetrical and mirror each other.

Other cats have different patterns to their Sectoral Heterochromia.

Some are more random and those cats will tend to have patches in their fur though.

Or maybe they are like this guy, who has three different colors going on in his eyes.

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