After Their Owner Passed, Two Senior Cats Refused To Leave Each Other

Here is the story of two cute 14-year-old cats who lost their home after a series of miseries. When the previous owner of these cats died, they became homeless. The owner’s son loved the cats, but he had to drop them off because his son was allergic to cats.

Because shelters euthanize older cats, he found a no-kill shelter and dropped them off there. He even used to visit them once every two weeks. The duo had very little attention or even a chance for adoption at the shelter. However, their fate was about to change.

When  Reddit user manian20101 was visiting the shelter, a year and a half later, he saw the duo and fell in love instantly! The volunteers were so happy that the senior duo had found a home, they did not charge the person anything.

Finally, the siblings were soon in a loving forever home with a loving daddy. They joined their “sister” cat, who is very particular about keeping her toys out of her brother’s sight in her special box!


These two fur balls are completely inseparable.



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