Most cats are lovable furballs and can be great company. Yet a survey published by the Humane Society notes that as of the last year, only 35% of United States households owned a cat. A surprisingly small percentage, considering their popularity – but maybe that’s because cats are also a serious handful.

Artists around the world have taken to illustrating the daily struggle that cat owners face.  Whether it comes to caring for their furry friends or trying to get through their day while their felines constantly do their best to get in the way.
cat l
If you work from home, you know precisely what these funny cat comics are about. How can you focus on work when a loving ball of fur is in your lap? 
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cat life

Of course, when your chores are done, and you want to spend quality time with the mischievous little demons, they’re sound asleep. But wait until you try to sleep, and they decide you’ve had enough rest for the night. Who needs a good night’s sleep anyway?

cat life1

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