Owners Of Unique Kitty Have Found Another One Just Like Him

Cats have similar traits, like bright, almond-shaped eyes; sharp teeth; and a proclivity for pouncing on the tails of unsuspecting things. Each cat, however, is a little bit different.

One of the most obvious ways cats are distinguished is by their coats. The Sphynx, are hairless, while other breeds, like the Norwegian Forest cat, are known for their exceptionally long and luxurious fur.

However, when you think of an ordinary house cat, you probably don’t picture one with a mane as long as Moony Strange cat’s.

Strange Cat is one funny-faced feline and you can see how she earned her unique name. She certainly is a very strange-looking kitty!

Moony Strangecat actually has a hormonal condition called hypertrichosis. This causes her already-long fur to grow wildly and uncontrollably.

Moony’s condition is known as the “werewolf syndrome,” and it’s pretty easy to see why. While she does not need to be locked away during the full moon each month, her rapidly growing hair does require a lot of maintenance…

Moony requires constant grooming so her hair doesn’t become matted and dirty.

Moony is a rather playful cat who just loves to sit in the sun and enjoy head scratches. She actually loves spending time outdoors!

Moony has regular appointments with the groomer and certainly looks like she loves her new hairdo!

Moony looks like some sort of a wise, old, mythical creature.

Moony is one-of-a-kind.


If you love Moony Strangecat as much as her owner, make sure you to follow her Facebook page, where she shares all types of funny pictures of her day-to-day life.

Moony is one of only two cats to ever be diagnosed with her condition. While there are other species who suffer from “werewolf” syndrome, it is exceptionally rare in cats, making Moony that much more special!

There is only one other cat like Moony Strangecat who has this hypertrichosis disorder, and his name is Atchoum. He’s just as charming as Moony, albeit in a way all his own!

While Moony might look like a magical creature ripped from the pages of a book, Atchoum looks a little bit more like a mad scientist.

Luckily for Atchoum, his owner is a pet groomer so this hairy kitty never has to worry about his condition causing his coat to get straggly and matted.



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