Momma Cat Tracked Down Her Lost Kittens

This is the story of a loving mother cat who tracked her missing kittens to the shelter and was reunited.

Veterinarian Julie Wills, Mill Road Vet clinic arrived at work and was stunned when she found a tiny box of four tiny kittens on her doorstep. She took the little family inside and set them up properly in an incubator. The family of kittens was all tabby boys except for one black tabby girl, who were estimated to be three to four weeks old.

She didn’t take the kittens to the SPCA as she was, smitten by them already and was ready to give them a forever-loving home. After nursing them through the night, in the morning, a tabby momma cat showed up at the same doorstep.  She tried to sneak into the office cleverly alongside the arrival of every new client.

The kittens were immediately reunited with their momma who started washing, kissing and caressing them. The crew thinks that the momma was trapped in the box with the kittens until she escaped.

The cats are all in foster care with a family that lost its cat a few weeks ago, momma tabby and her kittens are exceptionally happy. This momma cat’s instincts were amazing!


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