Rescued Mama Cat Begins Eating Again After Her Babies Are Born

Sophia, a stray cat, was turned in to a local animal shelter, and to add to her problems, she was also pregnant.

While she was at the shelter, she developed an upper respiratory infection that made her so congested that she refused to eat. That created a problem as her kittens needed nutrition.

The shelter provided her with nutrients via a feeding tube, but even after she recovered from her infection, she refused to eat even though she was clearly hungry. They kept a red sweater on her in order to keep the feeding tube in place.

Thankfully, Sophia started eating ravenously again once she gave birth to her kittens.

After four beautiful kittens were brought into the world,  Sophia hasn’t left her food bowl and no longer needs the feeding tube at all.

She knew that everything was finally alright and she could start taking care of her kittens.

It turned out to be a happy ending story for everyone, and once her kittens are old enough and have been weaned, they’ll likely find their own forever homes.

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