After Being Lost For 3 Years, Senior Cat Reunites With His Twin Brother

Noah’s Ark Animal Hospital received an anonymous phone call telling them to look in the lower parking lot. When they got there, they found a cat wandering around, looking lost.

The poor cat was clearly starving and weighed only seven pounds. He was brought to the hospital and given an exam. He was suffering from, among many other illnesses, stage 2 kidney failure.

The hospital worked hard to bring him back to full health, and named him Billy.

Eventually everyone at the hospital loved Billy too much to let him go, so they decided that he would become a permanent resident of the hospital.

Three years there, Billy had full reign of the hospital, and he greeted all the new guests with plenty of affection until one day, something crazy happened.

When a man came into the hospital one day, Billy jumped up onto the reception desk to greet him — something that had never happened before.

The man believed that Billy was actually Tuffo, the twin to his own cat that had been lost for three years!

The  twin was brought in, and no one could deny that Billy knew who this cat was.

The hospital staff returned him  to his original family, and though they were sad to see him go, everyone is glad that he’s being taken care of and that he’s with his brother again.

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