Cat Days From Euthanasia Was Saved By This Hero

Cristina Garcia, a shelter worker at the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter in Los Angeles, California, was trying to find a home for a poor little cat that came into the shelter with a broken leg.

Nemo, an 11-month-old cat was brought in with a severely broken front leg but a sparkling personality. The cat and Garcia made an immediate connection.

Garcia knew it was going to be hard to get Nemo adopted; what with a broken leg and all, it wasn’t going to be easy for a new family to take care of him and the shelter was full. Unfortunately, Nemo was facing his deadline well before his leg would heal and he had a real chance of finding a forever home.

Garcia fought to get him an extension and won. His case was extended until December 11th, but before that day arrived, Nemo found his forever family! Yes, he finally was adopted!


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