Photographer Captures Shelter Cat Reaching Out To Be Adopted

Baldwin Park Animal Shelter has a medical building where animals are stacked in kennels waiting to be given an exam or a checkup. Photographer John Hwang says most people do not even know about the building. Hwang hopes that the pictures he takes will help find the animals homes.

Hwang often visits the busy California shelter to see a sick dog. While he was there, someone else snagged his attention.

Hwang felt a gentle touch as he was crouching near the kennels. When he looked up, he saw the paw was completely stretched out towards him – and the cat kept trying to reach for him! The cat was named Meow Meow.

Meow was in search of a connection. Her owner had dumped her at the shelter, Meow Meow knows what it means to be loved, she isn’t a stray. The two-year-old cat has been with people her whole life and wanted to be with people again and was reaching out for some love and Hwang gave her some!

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