Rescue Cat Mom Saves Orphaned Kittens After Their Mother Abandoned Them

Kim Teschan, a foster mom, got a call from the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission (MADACC). They told Kim that they had five orphan kittens. At the time, Kim’s  foster cat was nursing four kittens of her own, all of whom were only seven days old.

Kim brought the five kittens home in the hopes that her cat would take care of them. As soon as the mom catbheard the new babies crying, she came running.

She now is taking care of all nine babies! Kim got replacement milk from MADACC, and she’s been taking care of supplemental feeding so that all nine babies get enough food.

Kim gives momma extra food and she’s got a nice warm heating pad for the family to lay on together. The mom is making sure that every baby gets an equal amount of time nursing, and when she’s not nursing, eating, or sleeping, she’s cleaning each of her babies. All of the babies, and the momma are doing extremely well at the moment.

They are all healthy and the whole family does nothing more than eat and sleep. 

Kim said that she’s incredibly proud of her foster cat!


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