Even After This Cat Was Burned, He Still Helps Other Animals

Russell the ginger cat, was burned by fire, rescued and then went on to become the epitome of love for all rescue animals at a shelter.  When he first came  to Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care Clinic in North Carolina, he was just barely alive. Thanks to the rescuers who arrived just in time to save Russell from a horrible fire.

It was shocking to see this beautiful cat burned,  but worst, he was in terrible pain. Russell responded with a cuddle when the rescuers scooped him up. His first day at the shelter, Russell found this beautiful rescue fawn named Darla and did the most shocking thing ever…he purred into her ears! And now, Darla has started giving healing kitty cuddles to Russell.

Darla is not the only one to receive Russell’s magic purrs and cuddles, the entire shelter feels it!

Russell befriended a little Chihuahua called Roscoe, but fate had other plans for Roscoe.

Roscoe was attacked by another dog and is currently recovering from a small eye-injury. But, Russell made another friend, Squirrel a Labrador who was a stray rescued from a road accident. 

Everyone in the shelter, cats, dogs, fawns, and humans are smitten by these brave stories.


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