Their Cat Brought Home A Little Friend And Decided He Was There To Stay

Cat owners know what it is like when they to bring you “presents.” Sometimes it can be disgusting and gross because it is usually a dead animal. They are really only trying to show their love.

One family cat brought home a completely different surprise: their cat dragged in another feline friend.

Their precious cat had found a stray kitten while outside and decided to bring him home.

The family decided to keep the kitten and named him Gimli. Strider, their cat, even escorted Gimli in by dragging him through the cat door by the scruff of his neck.

The poor kitten was covered in fleas, so they gave him a nice bath and removed a good bit of grime from his fur as well.

Strider even took showed the kitten where the good food was, and shared some of his food with the hungry kitten.

No more scraps for this kitty!

When it was nap time, Gimli was content with the warm blankets and couch that he now got to sleep on with his new best friend who saved his life.

Strider’s family was very surprised with what he brought home.

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