Beautiful Cat Went Blind Due To Neglect, Now In A Forever, Loving Home

Moet is a gorgeous Persian cat who has had a very rough life. She lived in a pet shop in Oman where the conditions the animals faced were gruesome.

The poor animals lacked sufficient food and water and lived in very close quarters in dirty cages.

When she lived there, there was an outbreak of the flu amongst the cats and Moet caught the illness.

She began to grow weaker and weaker as her muscles atrophied and she lost her eyesight.

The day animal rescuers arrived they pulled the blind Moet from her cage

They removed Moet and the other animals from their terrible conditions.

Now Moet has food and water, a bed to sleep in and plenty of love. Unfortunately, Moet’s eyes were so badly infected, and she had to undergo emergency surgery to save her life and lost her eyes.

Her body grew stronger after the surgery, and despite the permanent blindness, Moet began to perk up.

Moet was adopted only six days after that surgery by a kind and loving woman. The cat now lives in that woman’s home with two other adorable fluffy friends.

She may be blind, but she’s one happy cared for loved kitty now!


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