Abandoned Cat Left On Side Of The Road With A Heartbreaking Note

The Little Guild Animal Rescue Group in Connecticut, found an abandoned box by their mailbox.

When they got close to the box they found ten dollars, some food and a note about a cat named Val.  Val’s owner had passed away and the person who was taking care of him could no longer afford his care, so they left him there.

The note read, “This is Val. I’m sooo sorry to have to leave him this way. We need help. His owner unexpectedly passed away and I was watching over him, but can’t keep him. I am desperate and need to find him a home. Please except (accept) this small donation for food ext (etc.)… Please understand we had nothing else we could do for my … (? I’m sorry I can’t make that out) was in jeopardy.”

However the box was torn open and Val, who was supposed to be inside, was no longer there. He clawed himself out of the box and escaped.

The rescue group has set up traps to try and get Val back. Please share this post and hope Val is safe and will return.

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