Caretaker Sings A Herd Of Elephants To Sleep

Elephants are some of the most unique creatures on earth.  They are unique in their own way.

That is why it is so important to preserve their habitat and provide them with sanctuaries.  It is our responsibility as humans to make sure that elephants continue to thrive for thousands of years to come.

At the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand, the workers take their responsibility seriously. That is why this video of a woman and elephants has gone viral.

A well-known caretaker named Lek, may not seem like your average elephant keeper at first glance, but when she touches the elephants, something exceptional happens…

Although it looks alarming, Lek brazenly swats the elephants. She whacks at their enormous bellies with a bundle of rushes. The animals are not in any pain.

Eventually, something magical happens. The elephants are soothed by her gentle tapping and instinctively decide to lie down. Even though Lek is small in size compared to the elephants, she has a tremendous effect on these giant creatures.

Every day at the sanctuary, Lek tickles their bellies so they know that it’s time to lay down and take a rest. Once they are on the ground, Lek actually sings them to sleep!

There is an extraordinary bond between these elephants and their dedicated caretaker. What a special moment to share with them both!


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