Brilliant Judge Lets Dog Decide Who His Real Owner Is

Celebrity judge Judy Sheindlin had a difficult decision to make.  It involved a small dog and who was in fact, the real owner of this dog. Two individuals both claimed to be the rightful owner of a dog named Baby Boy.

The woman said she had bought the dog from someone selling it on the street, for her mother. The man claimed he was Baby Boy’s owner before then, and the dog had been stolen from him and sold without his knowledge.

Judge Judy called for the dog to be brought into the courtroom. Then she ordered, “Put the dog down.”

Immediately, Baby Boy ran over to the man was standing and began to excitedly jump up and paw at his leg, his tail wagging the whole time.

That was all Judge Judy needed to see and said, “It is his dog,” she ruled as the other woman protested.


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