This Daily Ritual Of A Herd Of Camels In The Saudi Desert Is A Sight To See…

Video footage believed to have been filmed in Saudi Arabia shows hundreds of thirsty camels being let loose for a drink. A number of troughs are seen set out in the middle of a desert, to which the camels run over…

Hundreds of thirsty camels line up for their share of water in the desert.  The camels are held back by keepers before being released in groups.  As the animals surge forward they kick up a cloud of dust in their wake.  The sight is part of an annual drinking ritual in the desert in Saudi Arabia.

When the mercury rises it is not only humans who like a cold drink.  The animals, who can drink up to 30 gallons in under 15 minutes, are held in a line by keepers before being released one group at a time.




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