Homeless Dogs Are Given Shelter And Beds By Bus Station Employees

At a Barreirinha bus terminal in South Brazil, employees noticed that stray dogs were gathering outside.  Employees allowed them to take refuge from the cold inside the Curitiba bus station in cozy little beds made from blankets and tires.

homeless dogs

The three stray dogs were welcomed at the Barreirinha bus terminal. The terminal’s employees let the doggies rest at the bus station and even named them Max, Pitoco, and Zoinho.

homeless dogs

The employees created beds for the dogs and made sure they were fed and hydrated. Now, these puppies, who were previously homeless and left out in the cold, have shelter, water, food, and lots of people to adore them.

homeless dogs

Local politician Fabiane Rosa, who is a pet lover, heard about Max, Pitoco, and Zoinh and praised the bus terminal employees for their gesture and making the community a safer place for needy dogs.

“Respect, care, affection, they take risks, but they are free and happy,” a Facebook translation reads. “I never tire of praising the neusa dos Santos and other volunteers who provide these angels, a warm bed in the cold, food every day, fresh water, security, a curl.”

homeless dogs

Rosa said many companies in Curitiba who could be following the bus terminal’s example of adopting a pet.

“You may be the only hope of those angels who suffer silently,” she wrote. “These dogs in the community, has a life much more worthy, that some who are victims of abuse and neglect, hiding behind the walls. And that people understand, this world is not a privilege of humans, God created the animals to teach us to love without conditions.”

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