This State’s New Law Makes It Possible For You To Be Buried With Your Pet

New York state has recently passed a law that allows pets to be buried beside their loving humans.

According to a recent story, “It is unclear how many other states allow pets to be buried with their owners in cemeteries meant for people. In general, said Mr. Fleming, of the state’s Association of Cemeteries, the practice has not been allowed.”

Until now…in New York.

Pet parents who absolutely couldn’t “rest in peace” without their beloved furbabies, had to resort to burial in a pet cemetery.

According to the director Edward C. Martin of the Hartsdale Pet Cemetery,  every year, 5-7 people are laid to rest there.

There are still those family members who would tuck the urn of a dearly departed doggie or kitty inside of a relative’s casket before burial. With this new law, plans that are legal and formal can be made in advance.

Further more, if the pet were to outlive its human, both of them can rest easy knowing that they have side-by-side plots.

The New York law does state that all animals have to be cremated, and it’s up to the cemetery’s discretion whether or not to allow it.

There is no doubt allowing pets will most certainly be a selling point for those who are still trying to decide where to reserve their plots.

If animals are considered to be part of our family, why shouldn’t we be buried together?

“It’s like having a kid, so it’s like having a kid buried next to you,” said dog walker Shakeema Hutcherson. We couldn’t agree more with this pet-mom of a Pomeranian-Chihuahua mix and a feisty feline. She definitely has a good point!

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