Benji ‘Britain’s Most Unwanted Dog’ Is Still In Search Of A Loving Home

Sometimes dogs can spend a long time in an animal shelter, sometimes months at a time. The longer they are there, however, the more difficult it is for them to get adopted. If they have spent more than a year there, it’s not expected they will be adopted.

Benji has earned the title of “Britain’s Most Unwanted Dog.” He has spent the last eight years of his life at the shelter! You can see from the photos, that he is absolutely adorable even in his old age.

He loves to greet people at the front door of the shelter as they walk in. He absolutely loves attention and is very affectionate. So what would make it so difficult for this lovable pooch to get adopted? Because he is diabetic and requires insulin shots every twelve hours, and that can be more than some people are willing to do for a dog.

He was adopted, but was returned soon after when the family realized that they couldn’t cope with his medical needs. Since then, the shelter is the only home he’s known. They want to find him a home so desperately that they’ve agreed to pay for all of his medical expenses once he’s adopted.

Here’s to hoping that Benji finds the forever home he so rightfully deserves.

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