Courageous Mother Dog Hides Her 10 Puppies In A Tree Trunk While She Waits For Help To Arrive

The All Sato Rescue operates out of Puerto Rico and focuses on rescuing dogs and rehoming dogs from the overpopulated stray population on the island. Cape Ann Animal Aid (CAAA) is a no-kill shelter in Massachusetts that also rehomes animals.
treeWhen they have space, they open their doors to animals that come from low-adoption, high-kill areas of the U.S. (including Georgia, Alabama, and Puerto Rico). These two amazing groups teamed up to save dogs in Puerto Rico.

On one of their missions to Puerto Rico, the CAAA team found three female dogs that were living together.


The friendly dogs were named Trinity, Juniper, and Leticia.  Juniper, a chestnut sato, had a secret, and she kept hovering near a hollowed out tree.


Juniper was keen enough to know that help had arrived. Juniper had hidden her litter of ten puppies in the tree, safe from the elements and predators.


Juniper helped the rescuers get the puppies out safely! When the puppies came to the entrance, Juniper would pick them up!


The puppies were given tree names (seemed appropriate since they were found in a tree). The names given were Bonsai, Willow, Cedar, Oak, Elm, Ash, Maple, Hickory, Birch, and Pine.


All ten were given a clean bill of health and were at a healthy weight! Momma Juniper was going without food to care for her pups.


It has been six months, and Junipers family is thriving! Juniper and all her babies were adopted out and have forever homes!



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